About Our Indoor Desktop & Tabletop Water Fountains

In such a hectic and busy world, my fountains provide a relaxing sound of water trickling around natural multi-colored rocks and succulents to help you escape from all the outside chatter and focus on bringing peace and tranquility to your environment. Falling water in a fountain increases oxygen, humidifies the air, emulates nature, and has a soothing effect. My hope is to bring these benefits into your living or working space.

What Makes Our Fountains Different:

  • Unlike most fountains, we use a high quality, adjustable pump which allows you to actually hear the water fountain!
  • Our fountains are MADE IN THE USA at our home in Springboro, OH.
  • We use high grade beach and river rocks.
  • We take pride in providing among the highest quality hand-made fountains on the market and offering them at very affordable prices!
  • We ship all of our fountains for FREE!

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Ideal For But Not Limited To:

  • Home decor (living rooms, home offices, family rooms, bedrooms, entryways, patios, etc.)
  • Reception areas in doctor, dentist, orthodontist, & chiropractor offices
  • Massage & day spas
  • Beauty salons
  • Florist shops
  • Office desktops
  • Specialty shops and boutiques
  • Yoga & wellness facilities

Soothing Black Tabletop Water Fountain

  • 1 – 5.5” x 3” Black soothing bowl
  • 2 – Life-like succulent plants
  • Imperial River rocks
  • 1 – 80 GPH submersible pump

Relaxing Black Desktop Indoor Water Fountain

  • 3” x 9” black stoneware bowl
  • 80 GPH submersible pump
  • 3 life-like succulent plants
  • Multi-colored river rocks
  • *Wood slice sold separately



Contemporary White Indoor Water Fountain

  • 8.5″ x 2.5″ contemporary white bowl
  • 80 GPH submersible pump
  • 3 life-like succulent plants
  • Multi-colored river rocks
  • *Wood slice sold separately



About Me

For the past 30+ years I’ve been a devoted, stay-at-home mom raising five wonderful children! I am a high-energy person, so after our fifth child went off to college, I needed to keep busy. I’ve always had a special fondness for water! I absolutely love being near oceans, lakes, or rivers and I am an avid swimmer who swims at least a mile a day. For years, I’ve searched high and low for a natural-looking, indoor water fountain for our home. I never found one I really liked. Most of the fountains on the market are cheaply designed, and have a poor trickle sound. Having the encouragement of my husband, who has been a very successful manufacturing business-owner, I decided to develop the idea of designing my own water fountain. One day while my husband and I were on a hike in New Braunfels, Texas, we came up on the spring head of the Comal River. The beautiful trickling sound of the water flowing amongst the rocks gave me the idea to duplicate that in a home fountain. With many months of trial and error, I finally came up with unique indoor fountain creations that I personally love and hope you enjoy!

Cheryl C.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of water should I use to fill my fountain?

A: Tap water is the best.

Q: What if some water is spilling out of the bowl?

A: First, you can adjust the pump’s water flow regulator to reduce the water flow. If it is on the lowest setting and the water is still flowing too strong, unplug pump and rearrange rocks to cover the water flow hole. Plug pump back in. Adjusting the rocks can make a big difference in reducing the water flow.

Q: How much does the fountain cost to ship?

A: We ship all of our fountains for FREE!

Q: How often do I have to add water to the fountain?

A: Check daily to make sure that the water level is well above the pump intake value for a smooth flow. If the water level falls too low, you will hear a gasping, struggling sound from the motor. NEVER let the pump run out of water or it will burn out the pump.

Q: How often should I clean my fountain?

A: For optimal pump life, clean your fountain every three months.

Q: What if my fountain is damaged in shipping?

A: Please email me with a description and picture of the breakage at cheryl@fountainsoflife.com. I’ll replace anything that is damaged free of charge.

Q: What should I do if the motor is making a noise?

A: That could mean that there is air in the line. When this happens, an easy fix is submerging the pump completely in water and allowing it to run for a couple minutes. Then it can be transferred back into the fountain bowl, plugged in, and ready to run.

Q: How do I clean the fountain?


  • Take the whole fountain to the sink and remove the rocks and plants from the bowl.
  • Soak stones in a mixture of vinegar and water to remove hard water deposits.
  • Clean the pump by taking off the outer shell that covers the propeller: remove any debris
  • or sediment that is on the propeller.
  • Replace cover and put the pump back into the fountain bowl.
  • Arrange stones and succulents in bowl and add tap water.
  • Re-plug the pump in and it should be good for another three months.
Q: Can animals use the fountain to drink from?

A: Yes! We don’t use any chemicals so your little friends can safely drink away if you want them to…or not.

Recent Reviews

“Beautiful and calming gift in this time of Covid. This table top fountain was well-packaged and the instructions were clear on how to put it together. We love it. Thank you, Cheryl!”


Portsmouth, NH

“I couldn’t be more pleased! This is a gorgeous fountain with a silent pump and the most tranquil sound. The package comes with detailed instructions & high quality elements that look exactly as shown in the photo—a breeze to prep & assemble.”


Marina Del Rey, CA

“I cannot say enough awesome things about this beautiful fountain…Would definitely recommend one of these fountains to anyone. They would really make for a perfect gift for anyone.”


Washougal, WA

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